Upload an Audiobook

Create a Book

  1. From the Books section of your dashboard, click + NEW BOOK

  2. Enter the details of the title, including:

    • Product Type (audiobook, podcast, etc.)

    • Title

    • Subtitle (if applicable)

    • Runtime

    • Format (unabridged, abridged)

    • Language (English is selected by default)

    • Release date

    • ISBN

    • Digital Listing Price

    • Cover Image

    • Author(s)

    • Narrator(s)

    • Publisher

    • Category tags (Inspirational, Leadership, etc.)

  3. Click “SAVE”

Uploading Audio Files

  1. From the landing page of the book, click + TRACKS

  2. Select the tracks to upload (hint: you can select more than one by holding Ctrl)

  3. After a track has been uploaded, you can rename or reorder it by clicking the three dots next to the track

  4. Indicate the sample track by clicking the three dots 


    and selecting “mark as sample track

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