Does the ONE app provide a good experience for users?

As a “progressive web app” (an app that uses the browser to provide an app-like experience), the ONE App provides a “frictionless experience” to the user 

The multiple steps that are typically required to listen to an audiobook are NOT required here!

  • Nothing needs to be downloaded (from the iOS or Android store)
  • An account does not need to be created
  • No credit card is required
  • No purchase is necessary

This all means that the users can be listening in seconds, not minutes! This is important in our case since one of the main purposes of the ONE app is to provide immediate access to audio content in exchange for some small actions on the part of the user:

  • Providing an email address
  • Purchasing a print book when it comes out
  • Providing a review

The ONE app provides App-like features:

Once the user has clicked a product or link, a few things happen behind the scenes: a temporary account is created and the product is then automatically added to the user's library.  

The user can then go back to the app and add a password, find the product in their library, or (coming soon) download native iOS and Android apps for a better listening experience.

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