Listening on a Mobile Phone

The ONE app allows a couple of different ways to listen to audiobooks.

The first and fastest way to start listening is to go directly to the app's web version.  Once you’ve provided a valid email address, you can listen to an audiobook in under a minute.

Listening on a computer browser is the best way to start listening to an audiobook.

The browser-based experience on mobile devices is less consistent than a computer browser. Our team continues improving the mobile experience, but you may have issues when listening.

The problems on the phone come from a number of issues that can be challenging to troubleshoot

They can have to do with:

  • older devices

  • out-of-date browsers

  • security issues

  • phone settings.  

Unfortunately, we cannot solve all of the issues we’ve identified since the technology is limited to the features available within the most popular browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.).


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