What is the ONE App?

The ONE App is a unique tool that allows authors to offer limited-time giveaways to listeners of all types, including:

  • potential readers
  • fans
  • purchasers of the print book
  • donors
  • influencers
  • and more! 

The ONE platform allows unique control over your content that isn’t offered anywhere else. By using the app, authors can utilize audio as a strategic tool, not just to sell and recoup production costs.

Here’s are some of the unique features that the ONE platform offers to authors:

  • Create more engagement with your products:
    • Limited time FREE promotional audiobook offers (typically 90 days)

    • Offer the audiobook early to launch teams

    • Offer the audiobook in exchange for an honest review of the book or audiobook (readers are much more apt to complete an audiobook over other formats.)

    • Offer access to the audiobook to stakeholders, influencers, or target audiences

  • Acquire the customer’s email address
    • Use limited-time FREE offers to grow your email list

    • Customers must provide an email address to listen which can be downloaded and used again by your team within your own account

    • Emails are tied to each offer which allows the emails to be segmented creating more targeted lists

  • Sell your audiobooks
    • Receive higher margins on audiobook sales 

    • Pricing control – run your own sales

    • Bundling multiple audiobooks for specialized promotions (coming soon)

  • Create new audio products:
    • conference audio, enhanced audiobooks (bonus content, bundles…), monetized “podcasts”, courses, proprietary products, and more! Basically, anything you can dream up!
  • Sell more print!
    • Offer limited-time “access” to the audiobook when print books are sold (at conferences, speaking engagements, podcast appearances, etc.)

    • Get more purchases during a book release by offering preorder campaigns simultaneously

These features are not available on any other platform!

Is the ONE App a SAAS app?

Yes, the ONE app is a “software as a service” marketing tool for content creators, authors, publishers, ministries, etc.

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